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2012 CQWWCW contest results

I worked the contest from the radio club station K7SEL at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories’ headquarters in Pullman, WA. My goal was at least 100 official contacts in the contest. I fell just short at 97. For 2013 my goal is 200 contacts and every US state.
Here is a quick summary of my results:

  • Contest call: K7SEL
  • Rig:   KX3
  • Power: 3W
  • Mode:  CW
  • Antenna: multi-band trap vertical at about 50 feet
  • Operating time: 5.9 hours
  • Official contacts: 97
  • Operating bands/contact
      40m: 57
    20m: 37
    15m:  3
    Total: 97
  • Countries worked: 20
  • US States worked:  26
2 photos:
Multi-band trap vertical antenna hose clamp
mounted to a small railing on the HQ rooftop
at SEL in Pullman, WA. Ran 6 radials and used
the railing itself as two more radials.
The station setup for 2012 CQWWCW. KX3, Bencher BY-1
iambic key , 24-hour atomic click, iPad running HamLog
logging app.