2014 CQ WW DX CW contest

Another CQWWDX CW contest in the book! Propagation, at least for my location in the panhandle of Idaho, was excellent for this year’s contest. Worldwide communication, even for me at QRP power, was possible on 15m and 10m during daylight hours. For me, that meant working 51 DXCC entities and 22 of 39 CQ Zones.

I notched about 80% of my contacts on 15m and 10m. Ultimately 10m was the strongest band for me. Conditions on 40m and 20m were not nearly as good, much more QRN and weaker signals overall.

I operated primarily during daylight hours as band conditions were not suitable after about 8PM PST for me. Both Saturday and Sunday, 10m and 15m came to life at about 1500Z and stayed very active until about 0300Z. I attempted to work 40m at night but QRN was hitting S3-4 which made communication difficult. At any rate, there was very little DX (i.e. non-North American) activity on 40m from my QTH.

Both mornings I was able to work many JAs on 15m and 10m. As the gray line moved on there was more action from the European side.

Propagation into South America was problematic for me. I could consistently hear stations from Brazil, and other parts of S. America, but was not able to reach them except for two contacts, 1 in Venezuela and 1 in Brazil. HK1NA in Colombia was consistently booming in but I was never able to connect with them.

On the other hand, I had no problem working Australia and New Zealand, making multiple contacts during the contest. In addition I was able to work Guam several times, Pakistan and other stations in parts of Southeast Asia.

I even managed to work Finland twice on long path – which seemed amazing given my QRP power. I suspect I heard them on long path and they heard me on short path?

At any rate, I ended up with 166 QSOs for the contest, which I am very satisfied with.

I hope you had as much fun as I did!

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