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2013 CQ WPX – My unofficial final tally

I missed my goal of 500 contacts by quite a bit. My unofficial total was 91, working CQ WPX for about 10 hours over Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Surprisingly, 15m was the source of most of my contacts, but just barely. Here are my contacts by band:

15m: 32
20m: 31
40m: 28

15m didn’t really come alive until the home stretch for me. 20m was active the entire contest. That said, propagation was definitely impacted by the 22 May CME, making opportunities for lots of DX slim. Many of my contacts were contacts with the same station across 40, 20 & 15.

All in all, a good contest. I think I might have made my goal had propagation been better. 

The KX3 performed, as always, like a champ. I was often able to work weak stations using PBT and pre-amp settings.

The only one I missed that I wish I could have worked was BY5CD, a Chinese Middle School contest team. I heard them a number of times, but I don’t think their beam was turned my way, the never heard my.

Lesson learned: Use the “stack” function of MacLogger software. Very powerful way to store stations heard but not worked, then quickly jump back to check on them periodically. I scored several contacts using “stack” this time.

2013 CQ WPX update

There was a very brief opening on 15m at about 1730Z which enabled me to work HK1R (Colombia) and two Madeira islands stations: CT3KN and CR3A. Signals for all three were way down but the KX3 managed to dig them out (and I suspect they had to dig me out as well with my 5W and dipole). 80 contacts so far! Will it be enough to win the US 7th call area for QRP for 2013 CQ WPX? Time (and propagation) will tell.

2013 CQ WPX

Very tough propagation condx this year after the CME on 22 May. Working 40, 20 and 15 CW but very slow going. Managed to work ZM1A (New Zealand) and CO2JD (Cuba), along with KH7X and several east coast stations. But other than that, not much DX so far. 

K9YA Telegraph

If you’re not already a regular subscriber to the K9YA Telegraph, it’s definitely worth taking the time to join the list. This monthly PDF newsletter, published the Robert F. Heytow Memorial Radio Club is a gem. Each issue is full of stories from amateur radio operators sharing stories about growing up with and remembering how ham radio impacted their lives. There is no cost to subscribe.

2012 CQWWCW contest results

I worked the contest from the radio club station K7SEL at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories’ headquarters in Pullman, WA. My goal was at least 100 official contacts in the contest. I fell just short at 97. For 2013 my goal is 200 contacts and every US state.
Here is a quick summary of my results:

  • Contest call: K7SEL
  • Rig:   KX3
  • Power: 3W
  • Mode:  CW
  • Antenna: multi-band trap vertical at about 50 feet
  • Operating time: 5.9 hours
  • Official contacts: 97
  • Operating bands/contact
      40m: 57
    20m: 37
    15m:  3
    Total: 97
  • Countries worked: 20
  • US States worked:  26
2 photos:
Multi-band trap vertical antenna hose clamp
mounted to a small railing on the HQ rooftop
at SEL in Pullman, WA. Ran 6 radials and used
the railing itself as two more radials.
The station setup for 2012 CQWWCW. KX3, Bencher BY-1
iambic key , 24-hour atomic click, iPad running HamLog
logging app.