Monthly Archives: August 2011

2011 RSGB IOTA CW contest

At around 1700 hours local time I set up my S9 31 foot vertical in the back yard with 16 radials. Had my station set up up outside on the patio about 50 feet from the antenna. My original plan was just to test out the OHR 100A on the vertical after having no success on the dipoles wrapped around my house.

Propagation was strong on 20 meters with lots of contest calls. Checked the contest calendars and discovered that this was the weekend of the RSGB 2011 IOTA! Decided to jump in to road test the new rig and keyer.

The OHR 100A was putting out about 3 watts. I spent the first few hours trying vainly to make a contact. Then finally made an IOTA contact with KU8E in Georgia! Followed that up with an IOTA contact with KL2AX in Alaska. Notched 12 other contest contacts including ZL1TM, EA8URL (Canary Ialands), W4S (Special Station in Florida) and W6UX on Anacapa Island off the coast of California.

By around 2300 local time, 20 meters had pretty closed down for me in Idaho.

Really enjoyed the contest and it was great to return to 20 meters after many years!

OHR 100A PK4 Keyer

Built and installed the PK4 keyer for the OHR 100A. Product works well. Many ways to customize and personalize it by programming it. The primary downside is that controls for the unit are located on the back side of the OHR 100A forcing the operator to grope around the back side of the xcvr to adjust the keyer speed and press the function button.

Fortunately, the unit works pretty well right out of the box. Looking forward to putting the keyer and xcvr to the test on the 2011 IOTA contest.