Monthly Archives: July 2011

OHR 100A is completed

I completed the OHR 100A last week. The receive side of the rig worked fine right out of the gate, all I had to do was tweak the VFO (L114) to get it in range for the low end of 20m (14.020). Having no main station XCVR I used my trusty Hallicrafters SX-130 to find a station near the low end that I could also find on the OHR 100A.

On the transmit side, there appears to be a problem with either the wiring on my straight or with the straight key jack itself. May possibly have a cold solder joint on the key jack. I’ll troubleshoot and resolve the issue this week.

I still need to build and install the OHR 100A keyer unit. Hope to get that done this week.

Can’t wait to get active on 20m again. Propagation last night was very good. Heard stations from Russia, Estonia and Ukraine as well as Hawaii, Virginia and Cuba, all with just my simple dipole wrapped tightly around my house.

Also looking forward to seeing how my S9 tunes up on 20m.

OHR 100A progress update

Here’s a look at my progress so far building the OHR 100A 20m xcvr.  Component placement has gone smoothly. 

Next phase is toroid winding, there are 9 toroids but most are simple. I don’t anticipate any problems. 

My main concern is that the kit provides no interim testing along the way. So identifying issues after the entire board has been populated could be challenging. The kit simply instructs the builder to install all resistors first, then capacitors, then transistors, etc. 

There are two other build phases to this lit: 

   – component placement for the 20 meter band pack
   – the build for the electronic keyer option

The photo below shows progress to-date installing components. 
   OHR 100A PCB partially populated

OHR 100A kit build report

Started installing components on the circuit board. Unfortunately, the kitting provides no information as to placement of components. Other kits I’ve done indicate where, for example, R105 is located. Having to individually identify the location each component is quite time-consuming.

Except for that, the build has gone smoothly so far. All resistors are installed.

I’m really looking forward to getting this rig on the air.