Monthly Archives: August 2010

The "Manhattan" Project …

.. OK, maybe it's not quite on that scale, but it does involve
Manhattan-style kit construction.

My next project is a QRP wattmeter – created by the North Georgia
Radio Club and hence the kit's name: NoGaWaTT. The final product will
be housed in an Altoids tin. The ultimate in low-cost and compactness.

Once I finish the project I can complete final tube-up for my NorCal

… now to inventory!

NorCal 40A Completed

Completed the kit on 7 August 2010. Had to fix a wiring problem on the
power supply cable that I made before I could power up and do VFO and
alignment work.

Completed alignment and tuning with just my ears (as QRP Bob advised).
Adjustments went smoothly.

For me, wiring the keyer to the rig was the most challenging part of
the kit. But I was successful wiring it up (with XYL help to hold some
components steady).

The KC1 keyer is really a great add-on that I highly recommend. With
it I was able to easily determine the lo and hi tuning ranges, once I
programmed in the VFO offset.

Final Assembly Completed

Completed final assembly on July 31. The unit looks great! I really like the way the cover latches to the bottom of the case. Makes it a snap to get access to the PCB.

I still need to do testing and tuning. Since I only have an analog meter I’ll mostly be tuning by ear.

Next, I need to assemble, install and set up the KC1 keyer unit. I thought I would test and tune the xcvr before installing the KC1 unit. Once the KC1 is up and running, I can check my frequency using its frequency counter capabilities.

No time to complete these work this week as we’ve got company, but I hope to begin work this weekend.

It will be great to get back on the air again.