Monthly Archives: July 2010

Toroid winding completed

Toroids on the right are transformers, each has two windings.

Large toroid on the bottom is for the VFO.

For me, having a good magnifier was key to good winding and properly
adjusting the spacing of windings, especially on the VFO toroid, which
has 60 turns of #28 enamel wire. I used a small plastic probe to make
spacing adjustments.

Next step: installation of toroids.

After that: installation of the unit's controls, connectors and panels.

Then: final assembly, tuning & testing.

Next project: NorCal 40A QRP xcvr

I’m ready to start my next QRP kit, the NorCal 40A 40m transceiver from Wilderness Radio.
Received the kit a few days ago and did the parts inventory. One resistor was missing, Bob’s sending that. 
Here is a shot of the front and rear plates, the enclosure, PCB and bag o’ parts.
Here are the parts ready for inventory.
Read the instruction manual, which is well-laid out and am really looking forward to getting started. I bought the KC1 keyer option as well.